Born and raised in Switzerland, Giorgio thinks to the Oblium project for the first time in January 2007.

Starting his experience as “Spiro” in 1998, with turntablism scratch and producing instrumentals for friends, and then in the Italian underground Drum&Bass and Tekno scene.
Through a reckless research and experimentation in the world of sound, today his music succeeds in making the inexorable and powerful silence of Nature.

Musical freedom combined with a 432Hz tuning, make it a unique experience of its kind.

In 2009 he founds Labyrinthine Crew.

Oblium performed his music in Brazil, India, Argentina, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Italy, and Switzerland.

"The music of Oblium is the result of a meticulous reflection on the sounds, images and feelings of diving in the moonlight of the night." (Naskapi Tribe, Italy)

"Oblium's love for animals and nature itself is an inspiration for his music and other artistic abilities. The music is organic and dynamic while being fast and raw in its defining sound." (Silvae Saltare, Denmark)